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Poggio S. Giorgio is a modern handicraft company, founded and headed by Daniele and Alessandro Perticoni. It is located on the plateau Agriano, a hamlet of Norcia, at 980 m (sea-level). The Perticoni family have dealt with processing, preservation and marketing of hams since 1975. In 2004 Daniele and Alessandro relocated their business into Agriano, Norcia.
The company chose the plateau Agriano to combine at best their consolidated experience with the traditions of Norcia. In the plants the most modern techniques of meat preservation and maturing are used. Everything occurs in obedience to the hygienic-sanitary rules. 


Those who work in farms and slaughterhouses, from where pig thighs are bought, stand out for their ability and experience, and respect sanitary rules, necessary in breeding and in slaughtering. It is guaranteed that they carefully follow every phase of the process, avoiding unnatural increases and inaccurate production speed-ups. The growth of swine adheres to the rhythms of the class the animal belongs to. A balanced diet is submitted to the attention of the authorities responsible for a correct swine breeding and slaughtering. 


The factory of the Perticoni family is technologically advanced and complies with the rules necessary to meat processing. Refrigerating rooms are equipped with tools with temperature, moisture and process cycle automatic control. Therefore, the plant is provided with external probes, where air renewal is allowed by the optimal climate conditions on the Agriano plateau. The most important stages of ham processing (salting and greasing) are exclusively made by hand, in order to achieve a more qualitative product and to offer the client a higher scent. 

PGI certification

The Norcia ham obtained by the European Community the “Protected Geographical Indication”, granted exclusively to territories located over 500 m (sea-level) in the municipalities of Norcia, Preci, Cascia, Monteleone, Spoleto and Poggiodomo. Maturing swine thighs are meticulously checked by competent bodies, who certify the typical characteristics of the Norcia ham: origin, pear shape, minimal size Kg 8,5, and maturing minimum 12 months. 

- UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
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- Certification BRC
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- Certification IFS - Certificato 3A-PTA
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